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    •   China?First Heavy?Industries (known as CFHI) founded since 1954, is one?of important state-owned enterprises relating to?the?national security and national economy under?the?administration of?central?government. China First Heavy Industries has become a public company (601106.SH) which is the National Innovative Pilot Enterprise and National High-tech Enterprise with the Technical Center of National Level Enterprise, National Engineering and Research Center for Heavy Technical Equipment and?National Research and?Developing?Center of?Major?Energy?Equipment and Material.

        CFHI has devoted itself to revitalization and development of Chinas national industry by supplying major complete technical?equipment, high-tech products and services to steel, non-ferrous, electric power, energy, automobile, mining, petroleum, chemical, transportation and military industries and carrying?out relevant international trade. Main products include nuclear island equipment, heavy vessels, large steel castings and forgings, special?equipment, metallurgical?equipment, heavy forging?equipment, mining?equipment?and the spare parts and so on. CFHI has owned the capacity of manufacturing?the primary?loop?components?for?nuclear island and become the leader of Chinese nuclear island component, the international supplier?and service provider?of?advanced?nuclear island components, as well as the worldwide largest supplier of hydro-processing reactor?for?oil?refining?industries?and as?the?EPC contractor for metallurgical equipment.

        With more than 60 years of?development, CFHI has supplied 3.6 million tons of machinery?forthe?construction?of national economy and developed more than 400 new products and more than 400 industrial product technologies that were unprecedented in China. The designed and manufactured products have?been?equipped?to?Chinas large nuclear power enterprises, iron and steel enterprises, automobile enterprises, non-ferrous metal enterprises, coal production basesand so on, which?has strongly supported the?construction?of national defense and economy while elevating?the integral?level of heavy machinery manufacturing?industries in China.

        In the "13th?Five-Year Plan" period, CFHI accelerates?the pace of transformation and upgrading,and has?formed?seven?business sectors: special equipment,?nuclear-power equipment, petrochemical equipment,advancedequipment, new materials, customer service?and?new energy equipment,created?the?"five in one" comprehensive competitive advantagesofsystem,intelligence,complete-set, environment-friendly and?customer services,bykeepingpursuing higher starting point, higher standard and higher qualityforEquippingChina,GoingWorldand&strivingto build CFHI into the international advanced, domestic first-class supplierofmajor technical equipment.