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  • Super-Large Nuclear Island Forging R&D was honored the National Science & Technology Award in Machinery Industry 2014

    發布時間:2014年11月10日 瀏覽次數:

      Manufacture and Application of Super-Large Forging for Major Component in Large Advanced PWR, one subject of the national science and technology key projects conducted and organized by CFHI, was honored the National Science & Technology Award in Machinery Industry 2014 by CMIF.

      Based on the National Science & Technology Pillar Program and those special projects in nuclear power, a joint team established by CFHI, Erzhong and Shanghai Heavy has spent seven years targeting on the forging pieces for M310 and AP/CAP modes adopting RRCC-M and ASME codes. A series of productive innovations were made and authenticated through qualifications and acceptance tests by the national departments concerned. By the end of 2013, 6.204 billion RMB’s sales income has been created for those companies involved. Many forging products developed and manufactured through the subject have been utilized in domestic nuclear power plants (Hongyanhe, Sanmen, etc.) and several exported to Doosan Heavy.

      It is the industry general view that the success of this project has eliminated the bottlenecks in manufacturing large-scale forgings for nuclear power plants by domestic companies, thus making China more competitive on the global nuclear market, and bringing significant economic and social benefits for the country.