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  • Sustainable Development

    •   The national level enterprise technical center is the important platform of the technology innovation of CFHI and the department which is specialized in the management of technology system of CFHI.

        Heavy Technology and Equipment National Engineering Research Center of CFHI is located in Binhai New Zone of Tianjin City. The center is specialized in the development and research of frontier technologies such as the large casting and forging materials, heavy pressure vessel manufacturing process and welding materials etc.

        Dalian Design and Research Institute, located in the Development Zone of Dalian City, takes the development and design engineering of new products and metallurgical complete set equipment, and has become the most capable design institute in the metallurgical equipment industry.

        National Material Science Research Institute for Energy Equipment, located in Binhai New Zone of Tianjin City, as the innovation and career growth base for the expert talents from overseas, will absorb the high level talents from overseas, form the developing team, dedicating to the development of fundamental common material technology.

        Technology Center has established the unique innovation system, i.e. "Scientific Study, Engineering Development, Industrializing Research And Series Production" in accordance with the principle thoughts of “One Generation in the Conception, One Generation in the Research, One Generation in the Trial-manufacture and One Generation in the Production”.

        In the scientific study layer, the new products, materials and processes which are involved in the forward looking and foundational, common and difficult technologies will be studied and developed. It will provide the theoretical guarantee for the machining process and engineering involved in the product development; establish the technical reserve for the study of further products in 3 - 5 years;the achievements of the research will be output to the engineering development layer or industrialization research layer as the solution or methods of the engineering and process design as well as solve the foundational or common problems occurred in the current manufacturing processes.

        In the engineering development layer, the foundational scientific research achievements or product orders will be done for the engineering developmentto convert the achievements into product design drawing, manufacturing process, technical specification or standards etc and forward to the? related manufacturing business departments.

        In the industrializing research layer, the profits will be acquired through the industrialization of products and the technical problems will be commissioned to the Material Science Research Institute For Energy Equipment, Heavy Equipment Science Institute, Tianjin Heavy Equipment National Engineering Research Center and Dalian Design and Research Institute etc for solution and pay as stipulated in the contract.

        In the series production layer, the product will be manufactured in accordance with the operational instructions strictly and high quality products will be manufactured as per the requirements of series production. In the same time, the technical innovation and rational advices will be carried out around the manufacturing sequences

        The subsidiary departments of the Technology Center consist of the Office of Technology Center, Material Science Research Institute For Energy Equipment, Heavy Equipment Science Institute, Tianjin Heavy Equipment National Engineering Research Center and Dalian Design and Research Institute, Tianjin C-E Electrical Automation Co., Ltd, Archive Control Department. The Technology Center is in charge of the technology work of the sub-companies of CFHI.